Math Art

Below is a collection of pretty math images that I’ve created.

Poisson cities

Poisson city

I was trying to simulate the Poisson process but screwed it up. The picture should look like a jagged, ascending staircase, but I forgot to sum the results up, giving what looks like the skyline of a blocky city. I thought this was cooler than whatever I was trying to do, so I played with my mistake instead.

Someday I would like to make an endless animation of this.

Now in cyberpunk!

Poisson city

Stochastic predator-prey

Stochastic predator-prey model

This plot shows the difference between the “classical” Lotka–Volterra equations and a stochastic version of them which adds some randomness. In the classical version, predator and prey populations enter a stable equilibrium (the oval-looking thing) and never leave it. The stochastic version lets you jump around more, and looks much more interesting.

Random redistricting

Randomly drawn congressional map of Georgia

This is a randomly drawn congressional map of Georgia using GerryChain, a tool I helped create at the 2018 Voting Rights Data Institute. I don’t think it solves gerrymandering, but it sure is pretty.